Introduction First Floor Ground floor Details Home Our home as you would have guessed by now is on the edge of a lake. With a lot of bird life. Winter with migratory birds is wonderful.Right in Bengaluru city! A labour of love ... this has been designed with all my convictions, as an environment friendly space. I have tapped light as I do when I shoot images. Dependency on power during the day is minimal. There are no dark corners anywhere ( including bathrooms ) You don't need a candle if you need to use the bathroom ! The breeze wafts through cooling the place to a large extent. A mechanical wind turbine is installed on the roof to remove warm air and let in cooler air. Small vents are in all the rooms so that hot air is not trapped in.Rainwater ( 2-3 hours of good rain ) run off from the roof is tapped and stored in underground tanks that is sufficient for the garden and car wash for a week.The home was designed as a visually engaging space. Walls are kept at a minimum. In fact most people think it's around 3000 sft !! You can see right across to any point on the ground floor from any location inside.A large deck from the living room faces the lake. A similar balcony, from the "den" or family space on the first floor, also faces the lake. In fact the whole house is oriented to the lake ! We have a permanent brick barbecue at the back. Plot area : 3860 sft . Built area : 2800 sft superbuilt, with external verandah, decks & barbecue space